The BarTales Story

After receiving his BA degree in painting from a prestigious Midwestern University, Charles Gilliam went on to do his "post graduate" work at Bartending School. As part of his final exam, he was required to memorize 100 mixed drink recipes and be able to accurately prepare any 10 of them selected at random. "Not only was I able to make the 10 drinks and graduate, I also tied the school’s long held speed record for drink making," he states proudly. As a result, the artist was now suitably prepared to make the creation of BarTales a reality.

In addition to being the creator of BarTales, Charles Gilliam is also an award winning veteran of dozens of national and international shows and gallery exhibitions. Widely regarded as the founder of the Dipsomanic Realism art movement, Charles Gilliam's inspiration is drawn from the subject matter he knows best: "when it comes to bars, booze, and good times I use paint and canvas to tell stories about what I've always had a lot of fun doing."

Simply put, BarTales is about the telling of bar related tales using Dipsomanic Realism. What exactly constitutes a "bar" is given a certain amount of latitude by the artist, who says "for me a bar is any place where booze is served and people interact."